Perennial Reign by Alpha Six

When the band approached me with an Ice Nine Kills meets AI style narrative music video, I had to say yes! I have such a deep love of narrative videos, and this was such a treat to be able to bring to life. My crew is incredible and really kicked ass 🤘 this has been our biggest and most ambitious music video to date, so I hope you enjoy!!

A cam/director: Jen Kruh
B cam: Sam Krueger
Gaffer/DP: Mel Nesteruk
Key Grip: Sara Itkis
Set decorator: Carley Byers

Bottleneck by Groundlift

What a talented and fun group to work with. This video was a big step up for me, involving a major lighting gag that took weeks to test and prep for. It looks better than I could have ever hoped!!

Huge thank you to my amazing crew! I couldn’t do what I love to do, without you guys by my side. This is just the start 🤘

Director/A cam/editor: Jen Kruh
B cam: Sam Kreuger
Gaffer/DP: Mel Nesteruk
Key Grip: Sara Itkis

Portrait of a Scene by Paper Tigers

Portrait of a Scene by Paper Tigers was a dream to shoot! The band is so incredibly talented and fun (not everyone would include a cake fight in their video, and I am so glad they did). My crew are some of the best in the game, and I am incredibly fortunate that they are by my side. They allow me to do what I do, and I am forever thankful. This company is my dream and passion, and seeing it start to take off is one of the best feelings in the world. 2023 is off to an amazing start, you’re all not ready for that this year holds.